Past Kill Shots

(In No Particular Order)

Throne of the Four Winds
Throne of the Four Winds – Guild Run
Our first 25 man kill. I can fly. I can fly!

Heart of Fear Guild Run 2-14-2013
Grand Empress
It’s always more badass to kill things in the reverse order!

Heroic Horridon 5-7-2013
Heroic Horridon
Knocking down Doors . . like nobody’s business

Heroic Iron Qon 6-12-2013
Heroic Iron Qon
Watch out for your own tornadoes, *****!

Heroic Ji-Kun 5-8-2013
Heroic Ji-Kun
We showed this bird how to fly!

Heroic JinRokh 4-16-2013
Heroic Jin’rokh
More like Heroic Jin’falldownanddie.

Heroic Tortos 5-28-2013
Heroic Tortos

LiShen_Ahead_of_the_curve 4-15-2013
Lei Shen
After playing with bunnies Lei Shen decided to lei down!

Peek a dragon?

Which warlock let their imp out? Should not over feed him!

Blackwing Descent Guild Run
Nef killed. Someone level their screen capture skill to max and show us a cool dancing gnome. Glow in the dark too.
Great job everyone!

Terrace of Endless Spring 2-12-2013Sha of Fear
The bunnies of Resurgence strike again!