Warlords of Draenor November 13, 2014

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Heroic Garrosh Hellscream is Dead!

Check out the media page for the kill video! Epic screenshots coming soon…

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Who’s the most badass guild leader ever?

Not this guy! Watch how I comically traversed the already simple Assassin’s Creed “parkour” obstacle course.

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Heroic Garrosh Fail Streaming Continues!

I’m back to stream week three of us taking on Garrosh Hellscream in heroic difficulty Siege of Orgrimmar. How will we fail this week? Maybe on trash. Perhaps a 1% wipe is in our future. Come and find out with us at www.twitch.tv/resurgenceguild
Tuesday through Thursday from 9pm to midnight pacific!


Watch live video from resurgenceguild on www.twitch.tv

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Site Redesign

Hi All,

After the last web site move Tawneestone and I decided it would be ideal to start a new web site, as the last was from 2008. We are experimenting with different ideas and will have a brand new forum online shortly.

Please keep in mind with the new forum, you will have to re-register a brand new username/password as the original database will not be imported. We are starting with a clean site and database.

Thank you,

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